Privacy policy

Bedankt om Just Russel te vertrouwen, samen kunnen we jouw hond de juiste voeding geven.


Visitors of are subject to our privacy policy. Upon visiting our site, information will be saved to ensure you’ll have the best experience at Just Russel. If you do not want any of your information to be saved, we advise you to disable and remove your cookies.

In the following sections, we’ll go into detail on how we save and handle your information.


Our site uses cookies, a text file saved on your device containing information to save your personal settings and to provide personal ads and online statistics.

Although our site is not aimed at advertising, cookies of this site can still be used by other parties to for instance provide you with personalized ads. After visiting our site, you could, for example, see more ads for dog food.

Personal information


Due to the nature of our personalized subscription model, we’re required to save some of your personal details, namely: the name of your dog, your dog’s profile, your name, your date of birth, your address, your email address, your telephone number, your IP address and your geographical location.

Please note: Payments are processed through eCurring, Mollie’s encrypted online payment platform. Only you and Mollie have access to your payment details, we do not.


All information we gather is used only to ensure the correct processing of your dog’s subscription, and will never be shared with any outside parties. Our use of your information is completely adherent to the Belgian and European Data Protection Law.


At Just Russel, we actively work on protecting our users’ data to ensure no information is lost, or in any way consulted, changed or spread by others.

Retention periode

Information is only saved during the allowed retention periods as described by Belgian and European laws. As soon as that retention period has passed, all information is deleted. Retention periods are unique for every type of data, so no one set period can be provided.

Remarks and complaints

You have the right to know at any time what personal information we use and save. For questions or complaints regarding our privacy policy, please contact us at +32 475 46 19 13 or